Horse riding for kids in Colden Common

At Tanglewood Equestrian Centre, we offer horse riding lessons for both children and adults by trained and qualified instructors. Talk to a member of our team to discuss your queries. 

You can rely on our trainers

At Tanglewood Equestrian Centre, we take horse riding very seriously. Our instructors have a wealth of experience between them, and they conduct lessons in a fun, safe environment. Some of the instructors are undergoing training themselves, and are progressively working their way through the BHS examination system. 

We conduct our lessons in such a way that people with similar riding abilities are matched together. So, whether you're looking for children's lessons or adults, we will carefully assess your current abilities and then place you in the right group.

Children's horse riding lessons

We group our lessons according to children's abilities, to ensure that everyone makes progress, is safe and secure and, most importantly, has fun. We understand that younger children lose attention in a relatively short period of time, and for them lessons need to be additionally stimulating and enjoyable. For this reason, we do not take children under the age of 5 into group lessons. We can take children from 3 ½ onwards for a ½ hour lead rein ride and look forward to them joining group lessons when they reach 5 years of age. Our group lessons never have more than 6 children in a class to allow everyone to have individual attention from the instructor. 

We regularly re-assess our students' abilities to make sure that they are progressing and improving. Trotting poles and cross poles will be covered as soon as you are balanced enough and have a good control over your pony in walk and trot, leading on to full jumping as soon as you are ready. Contact us for more information about our riding activities

Lessons for adults

Our group lessons for adults are small and personal, with a maximum of 4 people in a group. We place very strong emphasis on quality and progress. We can also arrange a group session of 5 or 6 on request, but we prefer to keep it to 4. 

If you wish to ride with other people, you will be put with riders of similar riding abilities to ensure that you enjoy the lessons, and that you are in the right environment to progress and improve. There is every opportunity to do flatwork and show jumping, as well as cross country and lunge lessons. We are more than happy to arrange friendly competitions in dressage and jumping, and also have an adult gymkhana at our premises. We welcome students from within a 15-mile radius of Colden Common.
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