Riding Activities

An array of horse riding activities for you

Based in Colden Common, Tanglewood Equestrian Centre offers a variety of horse riding activities for both children and adults within a 15-mile radius.
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Some of our riding activities

  • Kidz Club for children
  • Own-a-Pony Week
  • Day courses
  • Half-day courses
  • Pony parties
Read on to find out more about these activities below. 

Kidz Club

This takes place regularly on Saturday afternoons between 2pm-4pm, and on Sunday mornings between 10am-12pm. Open to children of all abilities, each week there is a riding lesson for an hour followed by an hour’s instruction in stable management. The aim here is to enjoy the lesson and cover a range of topics and skills to help you improve your riding. You can sign up when you want to and you don’t have to attend every week. We also have a special offer where you can sign up for 10 sessions in one go, and get 2 lessons absolutely free!

Own a Pony Week

Have you ever wanted to own a pony? With Tanglewood Equestrian Centre, you can now own a pony for a week! Visit us and meet our friendly ponies. We’ll match you up with the right pony - one that's the perfect fit for you. Each of the 5 days starts at 9.30am with catching in, feeding, grooming and tacking up. You’ll ride for at least two hours a day in a mixture of lessons and games. There’ll be a competition that runs throughout the week, with a championship on the last day. You will also put together a show (with the help of your instructor) for your family and friends at the end of the week. With the end of the 5th day, the ponies are put to bed to get a good night’s sleep for the next day's activities. 

Day and ½ day courses

Day course:

If you like the sound of the pony week, but only have a day or two to spare, then our day courses are the perfect choice for you. The format of the day is the same as for the pony week, only this has a shorter duration. You will have the option to take part in stable management, as well as participate in all the fun activities.

½ day course:

If you’d like to have more of a taster session, then you could sign up for our ½ day course, either in the morning or in the afternoon. From learning how to catch ponies, to grooming, tacking up and riding them, this course features it all. You’ll also have a session of stable management on the yard. This course is a really nice introduction to ponies if you don’t have much experience of being around them, but have always wanted to experience it.

Pony parties

A pony party can be a novel way of celebrating special days. For that brilliant birthday treat, why not have a pony party, where everyone gets to have their own pony for an hour? From mounted games at the gymkhana to a fun-filled riding lesson, you can choose how to spend the day here. Please contact us for more details, or to arrange something extra special. Take a look at our upcoming events to see what's lined up. 
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For exciting horse riding activities in and around Colden Common, call Tanglewood Equestrian Centre on
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